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Factor Receivables

Account Receivable Funding Available to pay your bills or enhance your business!

In many situations, Receivable Funding is more appropriate than bank financing, because:


-Is based only on the accounts receivable. A client's ability to raise cash by receivable Funding is based on the total accounts receivable, rather than on traditional measures of financial strength and stability.


- Provides continuing cash flow without the requirement of periodic payments or interim payoffs. New sales continuously create new power to obtain cash and the business does not have to deal with renewal of loans or worry about maturity dates.


-Gives a business increased access to cash as sales and receivable increase. There is no ceiling beyond which the factor must stop providing cash. The more sales a business makes, the more cash it can draw. The factor does not concentrate on the business debt/ equity to provide funds, as banks do.


-Offers a dependable, continuing source of cash without the necessity of making separate loan applications.


-Avoids the necessity of obtaining funds from venture capitalists, who receive an interest in the business and generally have a say in how the business is run.


-Saves the business owner precious time for a loan board to grant or deny his or her loan. Loan board's decisions are influenced by many considerations and the outcome is often unpredictable. With factorying, preiodic delay's and negotions are eliminated, allowing the business owner time to do what he or she does best-run the business.


What are the benefits of Receivables factoring?


- Receivables funding stimulates cash flow


- Receivables funding relies on the strength of a business's customer


- Receivables funding is accessible


- Receivables funding gets quick results


- Receivables funding is flexible


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Major Funding Completion

Our company have closed a major investment funding $60 Million USD to be utilized to complete project acquisitions and business expansion capital and are currently coordinating a closing $50 Million USD expansion fund for California-Arizona Construction company.

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