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Funded Projects

LIST OF PENDING, COMPLETED AND FUNDED PROJECT TRANSACTIONS funded by the "Private Sources" your project request could be referred to by CCFC (This is only a few of the closed contracts) COMMERCIAL PROJECTS, ONLY.


Pending Special Church Project


Gift Funding -2022

Church-Expansion Project-Mesquite Texas-$2,256,250.00


PENDING Project Funding 2022


Commercial-San Diego, CA-(Construction Management Company)-$30,000,000.00


Commercial-San Diego, CA-(Custom Woodwork Company)-$3,000,000.00 to $10,000,000.00


Commercial-San Bernardino, CA, Phoenix Arizona-(Construction-Rehab Company)-$50,000,000.00


Commercial-San Bernardino, CA, Phoenix Arizona-(Construction-Rehab-Holding Company)-$250,000.00


Commercial Mining Operation-Arizona, Utah, Nevada-$10,000,000.00


Major Major Project Funding Closings 2022


Loan $3,600,000.00 hard land loan secured by a 17.02 acre MUD site in Corona, California. The loan was made for GF Services group to acquire the site. The Lender provided 85% of the purchase price for the acquisition. This site will be the future home of a mixed-use development called Silver Lakes.



Major Project Funding Closings 2021


Loan $1.5 Million secured by the former site of the Temple University Tyler School of Arts, in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Borrower, a not-for profit organization used the loan proceeds to purchase the site.


Land Loan funded $1.815 Million secured by 30 acres of land, zoned research park district. Site located just outside of Detroit in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Borrower used the funds to refinance an existing mortgage and for working  capital to update site approvals.


Loan $1.3Million secured by a 260,271 SF industrial buildings situated on 5.6+ acres. The funds will be used for carrying costs and working capital. This is an interest only loan starting at 9% per annum with no ;prepayment penalty.


Loan in the Dominican Republic $2.3Million loan to a US investment group secured by a 60+ acres tract of land located in Playa Diamante, in the Province of Marla Trinidad Sanchez. The borrower plans to use the loan proceeds to pay off existing debt and working capital.


Land loan funded $2.475 Million to Colorado real estate developer Ban Real Estate Group LLC. The loan will be used to payoff existing debt as well as working capital on a 180+/- acre tract of land in Bennett, Colorado. The site is part of a larger residential development known as Antelope Hills, located about 45 minutes east of Denver.


Loan $3.456 million secured by an 8-acre site in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The loan was made to Essex Modern City, LLC. Their plan is to use the loan proceeds to pay off existing debt and advance planning/engineering as well as complete the quiet zone construction in partnershiip with the city.


Loan $2.5 million for working capital funds made to Allan Construcciones to fund the construction of their residential project. The loan was secured by two pieces of land located in Tarapote and Oxopampa in Peru.


Major  Project Funding Closings 2020


Loan $2,633,000.00 for working capital to BRMF LLC of Brazil. The loan is secured by approximately 416 acres of land loacted in Recanto das Flores Urbamais, a residential development in the city of Feira de Santa, a city in Eastern Brazil. The funds will be used to complete the last phase of a proposed 250 unit condominium community.


Loan $1 million secured by 3.82 acres waterfront property located at 300 Centre Island Road, Oyster Bay, NY. The loan proceeds will be used to payoff the existing mortgage as well as other unrelated debt. This is a two year, interest only loan with no prepayment penalty.


Loan $1.5 million to Conner Creek, LLC to pay off existing debt and provide working capital to expand it's 225,000 square foot medical facility in Detrot, Michigan.



Major Funding Closings 2019


Loan $1,575,000.00 to Davis Ford Ventures. The funds are being used a portion of the proceeds to pay off an existing mortgage to Union Bank and the balance for working capital. The loan is secured by a 46-acre tract of land located in Manassas, Virginia.


Loan $1,350,000.00 to Boynton Beach, Florida based real estate firm Suncoast Boynton Realty, LLC. The funds are being used to complete a 12-unit apartment building in rapidly growing Boynton Beach, Florida.


Loan $3,000,000.00 to TCC RE Holdings, LLC a Tacoma, Washington based company. The funds are being used to pay off existing debt and for working capital. The loan was secured by a four-building, 81,000 square foot religious facility located in Tacoma's McKinley neighborhood, ranked by Forbes as the 10th- fastest growing American city n 2018.


Loan $1.05 million to an Oklahoma developer. The borrower plans to use the proceeds of the loan to finance soft costs and working capital for a poposed 21.98 acre Mixed use development in Tulsa, Oklahoma.




Major Project funding Closings 2018


International loan closing in Colombia $2,750,000.00 land acquisition loan to Bienes y Servicios International. The borrower purchased a 16,864 acre site in Sincelejo for $2,750,000.00 with the loan proceeds and plans to build a much needed middle-class residential development.


Funded a California developer $2,245,000.00 Tanglewood Racquet Village to finance the purchase of 17.5 acres of land in Linda, California. The $2.45 Million loan was more than 38% above the purchase price of $1.5Million. The loan was based on the current value of the the collateral, not the purchase price which is an uncommon occurrence for most lenders.


Land loan financing $1.45 Million in Sydney Montana to American Land Development, a real estate developer located in King of Prussia, PA. The funds are being used to further develop the existing 18 lot development.


Construction loan $2 Million in WIlliamsburg Brooklyn to develop an eight-unit, 4 story walk-up building located at 100 Scholes Street to generate revenue investment.


Commercial financing for a grocery store and food stand to pay off existing debt and the balance for proposed site work and expansion of their 12,000 sq. ft grocery store. The property is considered to be in a rural market which made it difficult for the borrower to get financing with other lenders in Winter Haven, Florida-$1,350,000.00


Major Project Funding Closings 2017


Commercial financing for working capital loan to a Chevrolet car dealership in Carollton, Kentucky. $1,000,000.00


Major Project Funding Closings 2016


Commercial/residential 67 unit refinance-cash-out condominium style development located in Colchester, CT.-$1,600,000.00


Residential site development located in Cedar City, Utah-58.8 acre- borrower plans on reinstating previously expired approvals for 586 multi-residential units and ultimately sell off the lots.-$1,108,800.00



Major Project Funding Closings 2015


Commercial-Residential Land funded - refinance 200 acres of land located in Long Beach, Mississippi-$1,775,000.00 


Commercial construction loan-126 unit independent living community in Lakeshore, Ontario Canada-$7,380,000.00


Commercial-260,000 square foot industrial facility situated on 52.68 acres located in Mercersburg, PA.-$3,410,000.00


Commercial-mixed use development located in Sidney, Montana. To be utilized for necessary road improvement required by Montana Department of Transportation-$1,410,000.00


Commercial-16,835 square foot industrial/ retail building known as Sleep Shopper Store, located in Northern Freeway in Houston, Texas.-$880,000.00


Major Project Funding Closings 2014


Commercial-Residential Project development Watford City,  Bakken Region of North Dakota-200 new residential units-$3.5 million USD.


Commercial-240 acre Circle G Ranch located in Horn Lake, Mississippi-$2.3 Million USD


Major Project Funding Closings 2013


Commercial-St Johns River, Jacksonville Florida-Deep Water Terminal-and trans loading facility-38 acre-$3,870,000.00


Commercial-Tampa Florida-4 parcels of land-$2,550,000.00


Major Project Funding Closings 2012


Commercial-Connersville, Indiana-142,000 square foot shopping center-$3.5 Million


Commercial-Sheridan, Oregon-Modular Home Company manufacturing facility-235,000 square foot warehouse-$1.25 Million


Commercial-Harlem, New York-Construction Condominium-$1,900,000.00


Commercial-Mustang, Oklahoma, 90,000 Square foot shopping center-$1.5 Million USD


DISCLAIMER: The above list reflects contract project transactions that were completed by the various lenders, investors and funders CCFC has access to and can refer- place your funding request with. The above transactions are being provided for your benefit to show the variety of funding matters and solutions available to meet your needs.


The above list does not necessarily reflect funding matters that were submitted by Will Eutsey, CCFC, but is being provided to show the lenders, investors and funders CCFC can refer your financial funding requirements and needs to that have successfully completed and funded many matters.






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