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Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.


Why must I pay the minimum Submission Form Non Refundable review costs?


Answer: In order to ensure you are serious about your fund needs we require this minimum payment which allows us to avoid having submissions from parties who are just looking around, not serious. No one will pay this minimum cost if their intent is not to move forward.


Why must I submit the proposal or business plan to CCFC?


Answer: In order to determine whether or not your project proposal or request has validity and merit it must be read. We will read, review and analyze the proposals or business plans, breaking down proposals to determine whether there is a valid meritorious business design and asset quality for presentation to any of our many qualified private sources for consideration.


In the event the client has projects that need funding and are uncertain as how to prepare a marketable acceptable bankable business proposal and plan, we can provide this service through our company.


1. Preparation of a complete marketable acceptable bankable business proposal and plan that can be submitted to one of our Private Sources for funding consideration: Minimum cost: $150,000.00 NOTE: International Business Plan-Minimum cost: $250,000.00


Is there any advance loan fee?


Answer: There are "NO UPFRONT COSTS" charged by our company as the "Referral Coach", other than the initial minimum Submission Form Non Refundable review costs? Any additional costs negotiated between you as client and the funding source are determined by the funding source.


Does the referral coach represent the source? 


Answer: NO- Referral Coach is not a lender, investor, loan guarantor and are not acting as a loan officer, mortgage broker, banker or agent of a lender, investor, mortgage broker, loan officer or banker. Referral Coach makes no promises or representations to project proposal principal that could be interpreted as a guarantee of succcessful financial results for your project proposal.


How long after sending in the executive summary of the project proposal or request to your offices are we notified of your interest in presenting it to your private sources?


Answer: You will be notified within 48 hours or less of our determination of merit and validity of your project proposal, executive summary or request. We will inform you at that time whether or not we consider it viable for presentation to our private sources or not. In the event we will not consider it viable for presentation to our private sources, we will provide an explanation as to why. If we consider presenting it to our private sources we will notify you of this along with additional documents for your completion and return to our offices.


Why do you conduct matters via email?


Answer: Email allows our office to receive and send documents rapidly and continues the flow of information in an efficient manner which improves the time in getting your rquests to our private sources quicker, resulting in faster positive conclusions for you.


Why do you charge a referral coach cost once the project proposal or request has been approved by your source?


Answer: We require payment of our coaching costs from the principal amount funded by our private source for your project proposal request at closing in order to reduce the burden of your initial cost to us, otherwise you would have to pay our full referral consultant cost before we would consider reviewing your project proposal or requst.


How long does it take your private sources to provide funding assistance?


Answer: Our sources move very quickly. We will coordinate a conference call, if necessayr with our private source and the project principals within 1 to 3 days after we have submitted the proposal request to our private source and they have reviewed and issued a notification of interest.


Upon project principal agreeing to the conditions worked out between them and our private source in the "LOI" ("Letter of Interest" or "Letter of Intent") and signing of the final "Loan Commitment", due diligence process begins and upon completion of favorable due diligence, closing and funding usually occurs within 3 to 7 days or sooner. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE PROJECT!


How long does it take your offices to submit our project proposal to your source once you have determined it to be viable?


Answer: We normally submit document to our private source within 24 hours after our receipt of all required documents.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount for project proposal requests?


Answer: We have a minimum consideration of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars USD up to $100 Million USD for commercial projects, with consideration for "special needs" project proposals in excess of this amount.


Do you consider International Project Proposals?


Answer: YES-International project proposals must have a minimum consideration of Twenty Million Dollars USD or more. Costs are higher.



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Major Funding Completion

Our company have closed a major investment funding $60 Million USD to be utilized to complete project acquisitions and business expansion capital and are currently coordinating a closing $50 Million USD expansion fund for California-Arizona Construction company.

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