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Will Eutsey is a Corporate Cash Flow Coach (CCFC). Will has over thirty years experience in Marketing and Management, with additional experience in the U.S. Court System, having been a Deputy Marshal in the County of Los Angeles and owned and managed an attorney service for several years. He has worked in the field of Insurance, Real Estate and Management Consulting. As General Sales Manager of a Century City based corporation (real estate development and insurance), an I.C. Industries Affiliate, was responsible for coordinating a training program to develop marketing skills for employee trainees to sell insurance and real estate products, as well as assist in preparing them to qualify for thier Insurance and Real Estate licenses.


Will's financial interest and investments are in the field of mining and development of ore reserves owned and or managed by Will Eutsey Companies or its affiliates which contain precious metals, gold, silver and platinum.


For the past twenty-five years he has been working in conjunction with other business associates who have developed the technology to process and extract the precious metals from the ore reserves and have developed the plans and flow charts to construct and bring on line full commercial mining, concentrating and recovery facilities. He is continuously searching for oil and natural gas reserves, water rights and reserves, real estate undeveloped land, marine deposit reserves (gemstones), for future development to enhance the cash flow of his companies.




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Major Funding Completion

Our company have closed a major investment funding $60 Million USD to be utilized to complete project acquisitions and business expansion capital and are currently coordinating a closing $50 Million USD expansion fund for California-Arizona Construction company.

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